Acupuncture has been used to treat medical problems in humans for over 4,000 years and for treating animals for over 3,000 years.
Along with herbal medicine and nutritional therapy, acupuncture is one of the three cornerstones of Traditional Chinese Medicine for treating any medical problems. As a comparison, modern traditional western medicine has been only practiced for arguably less than 100 years. If acupuncture was not an effective treatment, one would have certainly thought that the practice would not have survived and evolved for the thousands of years that it has, and continues to produce results even today.

Acupuncture involves the placing of very fine needles, almost always placed painlessly, at certain points of the body to produce the desired therapeutic effect. Many of these acupuncture points actually have been identified in traditional western medicine as areas where blood vessels, nerves, and lymphatics (important in the immune system) are grouped together. In traditional western medicine, blood vessels, nerves, and lymphatics nourish, energize, and protect the body, much as the acupuncture points serve to do in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Traditional western medicine views disease as a result of an infectious agent or a body system failure. Traditional Chinese Medicine views disease as an imbalance of the body’s energies that can be put back in balance by treating appropriate acupuncture points, prescribing herbal formulas, and feeding specific diets.

Acupuncture can successfully treat the following medical problems alone, integrated with western medicine, or especially when traditional western therapy is not working:

-Musculoskeletal problems including arthritis
-Skin problems
-Gastrointestinal disorders
-Thyroid problems or Diabetes
-Respiratory problems
-Kidney and urinary problems
-Liver and gallbladder disease

Dr David Ball has been certified in Veterinary Acupuncture, Chinese Veterinary Herbology, and Tui na (a Chinese massage technique) by the distinguished Chi Institute of Chinese Medicine and the Chinese National Society of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. He has been trained in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine diagnosis as well as treatment. If a more holistic, balanced approach to medical problems appeals to you or if conventional western veterinary medicine and therapy are not currently producing the desired results, consider acupuncture and the Traditional Chinese Medical approach to your pet’s medical problems.

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