Our Pharmacy

Our Pharmacy

 Our doctors have a wide range of the latest products and medications in our pharmacy, as well as the most current knowledge and expertise, to help with the continued prevention and any treatment that your pet may need.


We all know online pharmacies are great for getting name brand medications at low cost. But does that low cost come without a price?

When purchasing products from your veterinarian, you can be assured that the products have been handled correctly, contained within proper temperature guidelines, and most of all – carry the manufacturer’s guarantee. Online pharmacies are able to sell products at such low prices because they can make purchases in very large volumes. This potentially could mean that the medications you are giving your pets may have been sitting in a warehouse for months with no verification of proper handling prior to arriving at your door. Important prescription medications such as Heartgard, Nexgard, Revolution, and Trifexis are sold to veterinarians directly from the manufacturer under guidelines approved by the FDA. Purchasing products from your veterinarian passures proof of proper handling and processing. This means they carry the manufacturer’s guarantee and after purchase patient support, which could be very important, should your pet have any issues while on the medications.

Most pet owners use online pharmacies for two main reasons: low prices and doorstep delivery. While most veterinarians cannot compete with the seemingly discounted prices of products sold online, most manufacturers provide rebates and other offers only available through veterinarians. When factoring in delivery fees and rebate/free offers, many times you will end up spending less per dose when buying at your veterinarian. Make sure to always ask your veterinarian about manufacturer deals and rebates before committing to an online pharmacy. Delivery to your home is fantastically convenient… but does that convenience come with a price you would rather not pay?


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